Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our California Place

front door
view from patio
walking in
living room
entertainment center built by hubbs
secret room behind hutch
dining room
georgia window and antique chest

gas stove again! finally!

husband makes tea <3
extra storage, juicing stuff, and cat

she sits here for hours
self explanatory

cute little bathroom
cute little stuff

bike storage and office and everything else
love these windows
bedroom still in progress
dining into living room
animals following me aorund

husband shows off swag from REI used gear sale
favorite flowers on favorite piece of furniture
our first antique find from the store around the corner
favorite room
we are home


  1. Emma,

    I haven't seen you in forever and I feel like it's been so long since school days. But I still always love seeing your posts. The little tid bits of your life you share always inspire me.

    Your apartment is lovely. As are your adorable pets.

  2. Jess,
    Thanks so much! I love seeing all your beautiful photos. I'm sad you're in VA now, I really wanted you to take pictures for us someday...
    Anyway, cheers to you and your hubbs!! Have fun exploring a new part of the country, it's always weird living away from CA, but at least you're getting to delve into a (sort of) whole new world. Enjoy and embrace it!

    1. Thanks dear... It is so strange being away from CA but I'm doing my best to embrace the adventurous aspects of it.

      And I'll still be in CA about once a month for work (weddings and other photo-related things). So if you find yourself wanting pictures done, give me a call anyway and I may be around :)