Wednesday, March 7, 2012

oh, this yarn?

So, I have a problem...I'm a bit of a yarn hoarder, like a I-sneak-my-yarn-in-so-my-husband-won't-see kind of yarn hoarder. When we were living in Georgia, my hoarding was limited to the much cheaper swag at Michael's and JoAnn's; however, now we are back in the land flowing with good restaurants and speciality yarn shops. What does this mean? Now I actually have physical access to higher-end yarns that I spend hours (yes, embarrassingly and literally, hours) looking at online, usually on this website, which is like porn for fiber enthusiasts. That sounds creepy. Anyway, the thing that stopped me from purchasing yarn online was the price of shipping, and the fact that without seeing the vibrant colors and feeling the oh-so-softness in person, I usually didn't get to the "IMUSTHAVEANDKNITTHIS" fever pitch, which overcomes me whenever I set foot into a real, honest-to-goodness yarn shop. I can't explain it. Or maybe I'll try...I guess I love yarn because when I look at it I see all the possibility, all of the beautiful things it wants to be. Oh god, this is corny. But I love to make, I live to make, and having a stockpile of yarn means I'll always have something to make.

Sometimes I have something in mind when I buy yarn, usually for the huge crop of babies that my lovely friends are producing, but most of the time I buy it for look and feel and add it to the pile from other shopping trips when I just HAD to have whatever is was that time. This time it was some beautiful heathered cream and bright, sunshine yellow. I've had a thing for yellow lately. It's popping up all over my house, which is weird, because I always avoided yellow since that one time when my older sister told me it wasn't my color when I put on a bright yellow angora sweater at Goodwill. However, even though yellow may not be the color that best suits my very white skin and very red hair, I'm having a love affair with it right now, sneaking it in to my wardrobe and all over my shelves. So, I got this yarn, because it was so yellow, and...and...and...and I wanted it, ok? What will it be? Who knows. Since it's starting to be too warm out for my go-to knit hats, I'm thinking I might whip up some sort of pillow or something to bring even more yellow into my living room. Maybe a felted bowl? I don't know...suggestions?

Just look at the yellow, though? Can ya' blame me?

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