Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nice socks, buddy...

I started knitting these months ago, first cast on in December, right before we moved home to CA. I knitted them in the car on the drive home, on the couch while watching movies once we got here, and all the while, husband thought they were for my dad. You see, it's very hard to knit something as a gift for someone you live with, and so...I lie. He never caught on, even after I fit them on his feet, time after time, my sweet husband did not suspect. He accepted my reasoning: both he and my father have very large feet so they must wear similarly sized socks...not a clue, so sweet that husband...he did, however, constantly comment on how great they felt, how comfy and soft the hand-knit was, how much he wanted a pair juuuuust like them (hint, hint...husband is not subtle), thus he was both surprised and thrilled when I presented them to him on Valentines Day this year, albeit unfinished. These were my very first knit socks, and I did it the hardest way (of course), toe-up and two at a time, so it took me a while to figure out the best way to cast off so it would be stretchy enough in the cuff. I finally dreamed up the best possible solution tonight, and husband finally took possession of his dream socks. Such a great feeling to see the feet I love wrapped up in something I made with my own two hands!

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