Sunday, July 3, 2011

getting by with grey's...

I forgot how much I love this show, but right now I'm loving that I can watch all the past seasons on Netflix. Embarrassingly enough, it's helping me pass the time until a very good thing happens...a very good thing that I have been waiting for forever. However, it is also eating my soul a little bit. I have actually spent multiple days watching for more hours than I like to admit in a public forum, let's just say it's a lot. Whatever it takes to get by, ok!?! Geez stop asking...anyway, the problem with watching the show all at once instead of over the years is the trauma is condensed and I am now terrified of hospitals because a lot of people go in and don't come out, and everyone who hits their head has a brain tumor, and everyone who falls in love has something bad happen...well, that's how it happens on Grey's anyway, and that is my reality at the moment, or, rather my escape from reality...oooooh boy, I need this to be over!

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