Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch Up

It's been kind of a crazy couple of weeks. i feel sad because I was doing so well, blogging almost every day...for like...a whole week! However, I'm going to make up for it today with a monster post of epic largeness.

First of all, this:
YES! THE RED CUPS! This is officially one of my favorite things. However, I'm not thrilled that they changed the design. I don't know, it's just not that classic Starbucks red cup feel. Also, I wish they would give people like me a heads up as to when exactly these festive vessels will arrive, that way I can run around saying, "the REDCUPS are coming, the REDCUPS are coming!" Although, perhaps they have saved me from yet another display of dorkiness by withholding this information. Yes, I think that may be the case.

Second of all, our cat. Her name is Calypso, she is ridiculous. We can't figure out if she thinks she's a small human or that we're large cats. At any rate, she thinks she's one of us. For example, the other day we're sitting in the living room watching a movie, I glanced over and saw that Calypso is sitting there watching the movie, with her paw on Josh's arm. She stayed like that for like an hour, with her paw on his arm, who does she think she is???

She is pretty dang cute though. I know, I know, I've become one of THOSE people. I take pictures of my pet and post them on my blog. But c'mon, who doesn't love a kitty sleeping on yarn. Nobody!

 OK, last one. She is ridiculous, and she thinks she owns my husband. Beeyatch.

Our Anniversary:
It's funny, sometimes your anniversary looks like this:
You get to dress up in a cocktail dress, go out for an evening of champagne, delicious food and jazz in Atlanta, receive diamonds, etc.
Other times, though, your anniversary is on a Monday, your husband doesn't get home from work until 4 a.m. that morning, and you have to be at school and then work the entire day. That's when your anniversary looks like this:

 We had pasta at a cute little place in town and then went home and went to sleep because we both had work in the morning. Hello, year two! We actually sort of celebrated earlier in the month when we went up to Atlanta for the Giants game, that was Josh's anniversary present from me, and that same day we picked up my anniversary present, a coffee table from Pottery Barn. Josh was gone the whole weekend before our anniversary and our actual anniversary day was too busy with normal life stuff to do anything really anniversary-ish. Oh well, that's life I guess. I'm just happy to be married to such a wonderful, sweet guy!

Josh put this in my car on our anniversary at 4 a.m. when he got home from work, poor sweetie.
In other news, I have been redonkulously busy with school lately. Here's a glimpse into what that looks like. 

This is what happens when you marry a Literature major.
Also, I have located my dream home right here in Columbus, GA. I'm absolutely in love with this house. It's run-down, mysterious and I want it!

 Yes, please.

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