Thursday, October 21, 2010


Why Today Sucked
1. The Giants lost.
2. My teeth hurt...quite badly.
3. Josh still isn't home from midnight.
4. I ate an entire sleeve of Saltines because that's about all I can eat (see illustration below).

Why Today Didn't Suck

1. Received beautiful monogrammed napkins as an anniversary present from the in-laws. Loveliness!


2. I got really cute ceramic acorn candles. They smell delicious, like spiced pumpkin cider (I KNOW it doesn't exist, but that's what they smell like). They make me want to bake pies and invite the neighborhood.

Caps On
Caps Off

 3. My Medieval Lit professor voluntarily offered me an extension on my Chaucer paper due to the pain-med-induced haze and the throbbing tooth problem. From the goodness of his heart, amazing, that almost never happens!

Thank You!
4. My co-worker secured me a Mac to use at work after I expressed my hatred for PCs. It arrived today to many squeals of delight.

Not Actual Mac of Happiness
5. My best friend sent me this picture with the title of the email reading "A Glimpse Into Your Future." Two words: Yes, please!


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