Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Our Way!

So stoked that my boys won and we are finally on our way to the Series after eight long years! Not so stoked that they had to deal with Philly booing them and being crappy. It was pretty lame that they didn't get much of a celebration, not to the scale that the Texas Rangers got anyway. Oh well, Philly can whine all they want, it's OUR turn! I think Cody Ross was a great choice for MVP, he definitely was a key player through the entire NL Series. Of course, near and dear to my heart is Buster Posey, hopefully they give him the Rookie of the Year. But honestly, all the boys did so well, Sandovall, Wilson, Lincecum, Torres, Lopez, Uribe, Burrell, Huff, everyone. They played some damn good baseball and I am so proud. What really sucks is being in Georgia while this is happening. Especially Columbus, GA. Nobody gives a crap about baseball here! It's all football all the time. God forbid you ask for the channel to be changed to a baseball game, even if it is a championship game! They don't care. I wish more than anything we could be home watching all of this happen, if nothing else just so that we won't be the lone people cheering for a baseball game at a bar. Hopefully people will wise up once the World Series starts, they gotta respect at least that, right? Probably not. Whatever, Georgia. I get it. Football. Ok. I still don't care.
These are going to be some exciting weeks! This is going to be one crazy matchup. A team that can come out of the shadows like that and beat the Yankees are not to be underestimated. The Rangers play good baseball, but I really do think this is our year. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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