Friday, October 22, 2010

I Survived!

Nasty Troll Tooth That Lived Way in the Back of my Mouth
Well, I survived my first oral surgery, barely. Look at that nasty bugger! The thing is huge! It probably has the diameter of one of my fingers, seriously, it does! I was absolutely terrified and it didn't help that the doctor/dentist was acting all nonchalant, I mean, he's hilarious, but I didn't feel like laughing. After they had numbed me up they start poking my tooth really hard and making sure I was properly numbed, I kept shutting my eyes every time they went near my face, which apparently I wasn't supposed to do. Every time he asked me a question all I could do was nod with eyes that must have looked like dinner plates because he told me he was just going to talk to me and treat me as though I were a twelve year old. That was totally fine with me because I felt like I was twelve, my whole body was shaking as he started sticking cold metal stuff in my mouth and I could feel all this pressure and twisting, and then the doctor was saying stuff like, "man, the tooth has grown into her bone, look how much bone there is. bone. bone. let's shatter her jawbone." Ok, so he didn't actually say that, but that's what I heard. And then, all of a sudden, it was over. It was bewilderingly fast. The doctor laughed at me, straight up laughed at me because I was so freaked out and then totally confused that it was already over. Then, when I asked for my tooth, he said, "Well I guess you really are a twelve year old." Whatever, I just wanted to see the piece of crap that has been causing so much pain for so long. But, I kept it, because it was gross and I wanted it for reasons that even I can't fathom.
So it's all over for now, except that I have to go back in December to get the other three out. They haven't grown out yet but they are impacted, which I guess means they are growing sideways into my other teeth. Super. Faaaaantastic. Teeth suck.

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